Electric Infrared Heaters

Purchasing a electric infrared heater can sometimes be hard as there are many brands to choose from.

Before checking out the different electric infrared heaters that are the best on the market, read the tips below for selecting the right electric infrared heater for yourself or your families.

These electric infrared heaters are perfect for your demands. So they still worth every penny. Trust me, you will experience an unforgettable and easy shopping here. So start shopping, right now!

Best Electric Infrared Heaters Ratings

Dr Infrared Heater Quartz + PTC Infrared Portable Space Heater - 1500 Watt, UL Listed , Produces 60% More Heat with Advanced Dual Heating System.
Dr Infrared Heater

Dr968 Infrared HeaterView largerDr. Infrared Heater Dr968Same Wattage, More Heat 255F@3.2m/s Vs 150F@2.

Consumer Reviews
  • “Works very well,heats large size room,quiet, easy to maintain.” – TIM
  • “This heater is really help in winter and keeps the room warm.” – ckl37
  • “I called customer service, was told I blew fuse in the heater and they would send new fuse but would have to email me instuctions on how to replace.” – S Spence

Lifesmart Ultimate 8 Element 1800 Square Foot Infrared Heater W/ Air Ionizer System Deluxe  All Wood Cabinet & Remote

This is our most powerful LIFESMART Infrared heater. The revolutionary design offers you safe & healthy heat for a room area of up to 1800 square feet.

Buyers Guide
  • “Great product,perfroms very well and looks good.” – CWCanifordII
  • “Heats up my large living room very well, has great features.” – DonJon
  • “Keeps the temp an even 69 to 70 degrees throughout.” – Kyle S

Lifesmart Compact Power Plus 800 Square Foot Infrared Heater w/Remote

The LIFESMART Compact Power Plus 800 Square Foot Heater is the first in our series of high heat output Infrared Heaters that are revolutionary in design to offer you safe & healthy heat for a room area of up to 800 square feet and save you money and energy.

Electric Infrared Heaters Reviews
  • “It is a perfect size and works great for a small room!” – Tammy LaPenta
  • “For the size room I have (12 x 10) it works just fine.” – Randolph Eck
  • “The claims made by maker of this heater are bogus.” – Disappointed

iLIVING Infrared Portable Space Heater with Dual Heating System, 1500W, Remote Control, Dark Walnut Wooden Cabinet

The newly engineered iLIVING infrared portable space heater is a great alternative to warm any indoor spaces up to 1,000 square feet. It is designed to be long lasting and comes with the following features: 12hr automatic shut-off timer , Auto Energy Saving Mode, High and Low Setting, Front Panel Push Button Controls, Dual Heating Systems that combine infrared quartz tube + PTC technologies, IR Remote Control, Noise level 39 dB super quiet, Electronic Thermostat: range 50 to 86 degrees, portable with 4 caster wheels, lifetime filter that can be vacuumed cleaned or with warm water, modular design with galvanized steel inside, weight: 24 lbs, uses conventional 110v 3 prong outlet, height: 15 width: 12 depth: 13, electrical Cord 72 long, rated at approximately 5200 BTU, Amps: 12.

Customer Reviews
  • “This heater is very quiet and does a great job heating.” – Dotti
  • “So far this product has performed very well.” – Kelton W. Cloud
  • “I called customer support and they said they it was probably the fuse and that they will send me a new fuse and instructions on how to replace it.” – Michael Jakubik

Lifesmart Zone Pack 2 4 Element 1200 Square Foot Infrared Heaters w/Remote

Save even more with 2 Lifesmart Power Plus 1200 Square Foot Heaters. This 2 pack features our 2) 4 Element Heaters each designed to heat a room up to 1200 square feet.

Consumer Guide
  • “They look nice, work well and provide an abundance of heat, when needed.” – Phil W
  • “Will have better idea of how well these heaters work when I get this month’s electric bill.” – Marla Horgan
  • “I use these as my main source of heat and they keep my house nice and warm!” – shelldolfin

Lifesmart Power Plus 6 Element  1800 Square Foot Infrared Quartz Heater w/Furniture Cabinet Includes Remote

The LIFESMART Power Plus is our most powerful in our series Infrared heaters. The revolutionary design offers you safe &healthy heat for a room area of up to 1800 square feet.

Electric Infrared Heaters Reviews
  • “So, in a nutshell, this seems to work great to heat a room locally.” – R. Schilling
  • “They claimed it would heat 1800 square feet.” – Denise
  • “The wood heats the whole house at once and keeps it nice and toasty warm 24/7, but the heaters you can turn as you use those rooms.” – Gypsy Rose

Resource Partners Enterprises A5095 Eden Gen2 Pure Infrared Heater Black

Gen 2, 1,000 SQFT, Bookshelf Design Infrared Heater, Space Saving Design & Reduced Weight Makes This Edenpure Heater Easy To Move & Convenient To Incorporate Into Your Home Design & Decor, Same No Fire Risk Heat, Same No CO2 Risk Heat That You Can Set & Forget For The Winter, New Digital Function Read Out Has Automatic On/Off Setting, Electronic Thermostat, Quite Mode, & Now A Heat On/Off Function That Keeps The Fan Running To Circulate Air Even In The Summer Time, Remote Control Included, Air Purification Upgrade Kit Also Available That Includes Hepa Filter, & Ultraviolet Light, Simple Plug & Play Feature For This Ad On Feature, Sold Separately, 2 Year Warranty, MAP Price: $197.

Customer Reviews
  • “I was told by gift recipient that they love the heater.” – Bamagirl
  • “The heater is quiet and efficient and low profile so sits discreetly in a room without taking too much space.” – Rangergirl
  • “It is quiet, easy to use with the remote, and I may go in for the optional air cleaner, that’s a plus.” – danielsden

Lifesmart Compact Power Plus 800 Square Feet Infrared Heater w/Wood Cabinet Includes remote

The LIFESMART Compact Power Plus 800 Square Foot Heater is the first in our series of high heat output Infrared Heaters that are revolutionary in design to offer you safe, healthy and therapeutic heat for a room area of up to 800 square feet and save you money and energy.

Consumer Reports
  • “Happy Birthday mom.” – nicholas averella
  • “The Lifesmart looks good, is light and the filter easy to remove and maintain, and I am very pleased with the purchase.” – ctmimi
  • “This is unit did not heat a well insulated room of 480 sq.ft. to 70 degrees with 46 degrees outside temp.” – K-G

Lifesmart 1000 Square Foot Infrared Quartz Fireplace in Quakerstown Dark Oak w/Remote

The Lifesmart Infrared Fireplace can be installed anywhere since no venting is required. Imagine the warmth and beauty of a fireplace anywhere in your home with no costly installation.

Product Ratings
  • “Love the real looking flames.” – jeeptjgrl
  • “My basement is always cold, especially in the winter.” – JWLang2
  • “We have this heater in a large room and it works great.” – Jeff Krizan

LifeSmart LS-1003HH13 1800 Sq Ft Infrared Quartz Electric Portable Tower Heater

Cut home utilities costs as you heat your home with this LifeSmart Tower Infrared Heater. Able to efficiently heat 1800 sq ft of living space, this PowerPlus Heater has a built-in fan that circulates air through the heater and into the area being heated.

Consumer Reviews
  • “It ran very quiet but was producing heat so I figured it was fine.” – Nichole Tolley
  • “I have to contact this company now that I am back home from my trip and see if this is a problem or not.” – Alan B.
  • “This is a great way to save money on home heating costs!” – Bert

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