Comfort Zone Space Heater

After reading several online reviews of all kinds of comfort zone space heater, I got confused by the various information about it. I found it hard to choose one fitting all my needs.

The comfort zone space heater on our page are all well designed. Being reasonable in price, good in quality and attractive in shape appearance, they can match your daily life.

If you are ready to find a well functional comfort zone space heater, scroll down and read the reviews.

Choosing the Best Comfort Zone Space Heater

Comfort Zone® Citadel Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater/Fan CZ488
Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone® Citadel Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater/Fan has an adjustable thermostat and dual heat settings, 800/1500 watts. Features fan forced heat, 80° oscillation, safety tip-over switch, stay-cool body and convenient cord storage.

Product Ratings
  • “Regardless of the fan being weak, this little unit does a great job of heating a medium sized bedroom.” – Yankeesfan85
  • “You need to pick it up with both hands as the top grip does not allow for grown-ups (even with small fingers) to get in there or it slips … BAD DESIGN.” – Scrappin’ in the USA
  • “We love the oscillating function and also really like the safety feature on the bottom of the pedestal.” – Michele M.

Comfort Zone® Flat Panel Halogen Heater CZHTV9
Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone® Flat Panel Halogen Heater features 400/800 watts of heat with slim line twin tube design with a top mounted control panel. 70° oscillation offers comfort throughout the room.

Product Reviews
  • “It works great, easy to use and does a very good job of heating for a very low cost.” – R. Jackson
  • “It’s heat is very nice, like having a moveable fireplace.” – AuntieS
  • “Less than 2 months of use and this heater is broken.” – IDreamofUtopia

Comfort Zone® Mini Fireplace CZFP1
Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone® Mini Fireplace with simulated 3D flames has high efficiency PTC ceramic heating elements with a 3 position rotary switch. Dual wattage for heat control, safety temperature overheat cut off switch and safety tip over power cut off switch for safety.

Consumer Reports
  • “I have the look and sound of a real fireplace.” – L. Perez
  • “This little heater puts out a good amount of heat!” – General501st
  • “One can even have it on without heat and the warm fire in the heater makes me feel comfortable.” – Lori George Alexander

Comfort Zone® Digital Electric Oil Filled Radiator Heater CZ9009
Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone® Digital Electric Oil Filled Radiator Heater features a digital interface with soft touch push button controls, with on/off power indicator light; display can be set to Fahrenheit or Celsius readouts.

Consumer Guide
  • “Digitally temperature controlled and accurate.” – N. parson
  • “If you need heat it’s a great heater and safe to use.” – mrcccr`
  • “There is a big sticker on it that says, “if unit does not work, DO NOT take it back to the store, call 1-800-xxx-xxxx” so I called the number.” – Steve in Hawaii

Comfort Zone® Mini personal heater CZ25
Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone® Mini personal heater has an enclosed coil wire heating element that is fan forced to deliver 500/1000 watts of heat. Flame retardant plastic cabinet as well as an alarm tip-over switch, power indicator light and overload thermal protector with caution indicator light for safety.

Expert Advice
  • “They sell cheap Chinese JUNK!!!!!!!!!” – Guy
  • “It would have otherwise been a good design if only it had been executed responsibly.” – Mapaddict
  • “This is a great little heater for small spots.” – shellie

Comfort Zone® Personal Heater/Fan CZ707
Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone® Personal Heater/Fan is powerful and compact with a quiet high efficiency fan. Adjustable thermostat, fan forced heat with a 4 position rotary switch makes this personal heater/fan a hard working piece of equipment.

Product Comparisons
  • “Its compact & heats well.” – Jay vdR
  • “Overall the heater seems durable and I’m hoping it holds up well.” – S. Beaty
  • “And BENT when put back together.” – songlover

Comfort Zone Infrared Quartz Heater - 3413 BTU, 1000 Watts, Model# CZ2011P
Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone® Fan-Forced Digital Infrared Quartz Heater features 6 high power quartz infrared emitters with 3 cooper heat exchangers and fan-forced air for wide heat dispersion, 12-hour auto-on/auto-off timer and digital thermostat with a 59°-86° Fahrenheit range and a whisper quiet operation.

Comfort Zone Space Heater Reviews
  • “Then finally it just stopped working ..” – J. Howard
  • “I seldom give a severely poor rating to any product, but this time I must rate this one with only 1 star.” – CUNPDX
  • “The feeble fan is adequate and quiet, but is offset by the loud clicking sound made when the heating elements cycle on and off.” – anonymous

Comfort Zone® Compact Heater/Fan CZ35
Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone® Compact Heater/Fan is a quiet high efficient fan and a powerful and compact dual wattage: 750/1500 Heater. Features a four position rotary switch control: off, low high & fan only with an adjustable thermostat.

Comfort Zone® Deluxe convertible heater/fan CZ30
Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone® Deluxe convertible heater/fan features fan forced heat, dual wattage 750/1500. Four position rotary dial switch, OFF, LOW, HIGH or FAN ONLY.

Comfort Zone CZ442 Comfort Zone
Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone Heaters offer a selection of the most popular models to meet any home, office or workshop supplemental heating requirements. Models are available in a wide selection of sizes and styles that offer various heating elements to provide energy efficient heating.

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